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Lan Drivers AMPTRON Motherboard

it is recommended to first disable your current amptron motherboard driver. you must first verify that your computer will start up again. right-click on the my computer icon and select properties. in the properties window, locate the device manager and click on it. select the amptron motherboard device. click on the driver tab and select the driver you want to update.

Lan Drivers AMPTRON Motherboard

you may see your amptron motherboard driver listed as incompatible in the properties list. amptron motherboard drivers for some of our hardware devices are not compatible with windows 7 or windows vista. if you have a pc chips motherboard and the driver is listed as incompatible, then you should try updating to a later driver.

the current process of updating drivers for your amptron motherboard device can take up to 1 hour, so be patient. when the updates are complete, restart the computer, log into windows and test the hardware device and associated software to confirm that the driver works properly.

this motherboard can sometimes get confused by the different bios versions and it can be difficult to tell which version of the bios is in use. the current bios version is v1.1a, however if you discover that you are using a version older than the version stated, simply enter the bios setup to upgrade the bios to the latest version.

suggestion: the sata support is very limited with this motherboard and was unable to perform any reads and writes over its sata interfaces. only one of the sata ports was supported for reads and writes and this is illustrated by the lack of any drives displayed in control panel â programs â data sources â devices and printers. only if you open disk drives, program files and another drives, then they appear on the list.


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