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EconPapers FAQ Archive maintainers FAQ Cookies at EconPapers The RePEc blog The RePEc plagiarism page Social Science & Medicine1979 - 2023Current editor(s): Ichiro (I.) Kawachi and S.V. (S.V.) SubramanianFrom ElsevierBibliographic data for series maintained by Catherine Liu (Obfuscate( '', 'repec' )).Access Statistics for this journal.Track citations for all items by RSS feedIs something missing from the series or not right? See the RePEc data check for the archive and series.2005, volume 60, articles 12 'Burning Issues': an introduction to selected papers from the 10th International Symposium in Medical Geography, Manchester 2003 pp. 2657-2660 Fiona Smyth and Richard Thomas Complexity theory and geographies of health: a critical assessment pp. 2661-2671 Anthony C. Gatrell The 'geneticisation' of heart disease: a network analysis of the production of new genetic knowledge pp. 2673-2683 Edward Hall Replacing positivism in medical geography pp. 2685-2695 David Bennett Everyday health histories and the making of place: the case of an English coastal town pp. 2697-2713 Gavin J. Andrews and Robin A. Kearns Defining regions for locality health care planning: a multidimensional approach pp. 2715-2727 Niamh K. Shortt, Adrian Moore, Mike Coombes and Colin Wymer Zone design for environment and health studies using pre-aggregated data pp. 2729-2742 Samantha Cockings and David Martin The index of multiple deprivation 2000 access domain: a useful indicator for public health? pp. 2743-2753 Aphrodite Niggebrugge, Robin Haynes, Andrew Jones, Andrew Lovett and Ian Harvey Selective migration, health and deprivation: a longitudinal analysis pp. 2755-2771 Paul Norman, Paul Boyle and Philip Rees Housing improvement and self-reported mental distress among council estate residents pp. 2773-2783 Richard Thomas, Sherrill Evans, Peter Huxley, Claire Gately and Anne Rogers The impacts of dwelling conditions on older persons' psychological well-being in Hong Kong: the mediating role of residential satisfaction pp. 2785-2797 David R. Phillips, Oi-ling Siu, Anthony G.O. Yeh and Kevin H.C. Cheng Who you know, where you live: social capital, neighbourhood and health pp. 2799-2818 Gerry Veenstra, Isaac Luginaah, Sarah Wakefield, Stephen Birch, John Eyles and Susan Elliott Family, friend or foe? Critical reflections on the relevance and role of social capital in health promotion and community development pp. 2819-2832 Sarah E.L. Wakefield and Blake Poland Is the urban excess in lung cancer in Scotland explained by patterns of smoking? pp. 2833-2843 Jamie Pearce and Paul Boyle Particulate air pollution, social confounders, and mortality in small areas of an industrial city pp. 2845-2863 Michael Jerrett, Michael Buzzelli, Richard T. Burnett and Patrick F. DeLuca Geographical inequalities of mortality by income in two developed island countries: a cross-national comparison of Britain and Japan pp. 2865-2875 Tomoki Nakaya and Danny Dorling Urban/rural inequalities in suicide in Scotland, 1981-1999 pp. 2877-2890 Kate A. Levin and Alastair H. Leyland2005, volume 60, articles 11 Socio-economic position and its relationship to physical capacity among elderly people living in Jyväskylä, Finland: five- and ten-year follow-up studies pp. 2405-2416 Nina Rautio, Eino Heikkinen and Shah Ebrahim A model of underlying socioeconomic vulnerability in human populations: evidence from variability in population health and implications for public health pp. 2417-2430 Sandro Galea, Jennifer Ahern and Adam Karpati A European comparative study of marital status and socio-economic inequalities in suicide pp. 2431-2441 V. Lorant, Anton E. Kunst, Martijn Huisman, Matthias Bopp and Johan Mackenbach A comparative study of the patterning of women's health by family status and employment status in Finland and Sweden pp. 2443-2451 Eva Roos, Bo Burström, Peppiina Saastamoinen and Eero Lahelma The influence of neighborhood environment on the incidence of childhood asthma: a multilevel approach pp. 2453-2464 Young J. Juhn, Jennifer St. Sauver, Slavica Katusic, Delfino Vargas, Amy Weaver and John Yunginger Current and lifetime exposure to working conditions. Do they explain educational differences in subjective health? pp. 2465-2476 Christiaan W.S. Monden Exploring the generalisability of the association between income inequality and self-assessed health pp. 2477-2488 Neil Craig Adoption of hospital case management: economic and institutional influences pp. 2489-2500 Susan D. Roggenkamp, Kenneth R. White and Gloria J. Bazzoli Influence of waiting time on cost-effectiveness pp. 2501-2504 M.A. Koopmanschap, Werner Brouwer, L. Hakkaart-van Roijen and Job van Exel Contracts in the real world: Case studies from Southern Africa pp. 2505-2514 Natasha Palmer and Anne Mills Aids, race and the limits of science pp. 2515-2525 Wende Elizabeth Marshall Racialized bodies, disabling worlds "they [service providers] always saw me as a client, not as a worker" pp. 2527-2536 Parin Dossa The impact of own and spouse's urinary incontinence on depressive symptoms pp. 2537-2548 Nancy H. Fultz, Kristi Rahrig Jenkins, Truls Østbye, Donald Taylor, Mohammed U. Kabeto and Kenneth M. Langa Gender differences in the relation between social support, problems in parent-offspring communication, and depression and anxiety pp. 2549-2559 Karlien M.C. Landman-Peeters, Catharina A. Hartman, Gieta van der Pompe, Johan A. den Boer, Ruud B. Minderaa and Johan Ormel Stereotactic radiosurgery: the patient's experience pp. 2561-2573 David B. Menkes, Mary P. Davison, Shaun A. Costello and Chrystal Jaye The experiential knowledge of patients: a new resource for biomedical research? pp. 2575-2584 J. Francisca Caron-Flinterman, Jacqueline E.W. Broerse and Joske F.G. Bunders Assessing patients' preferences for treatments for angina using a modified repertory grid method pp. 2585-2595 Gene Rowe, Nigel Lambert, Ann Bowling, Shah Ebrahim, Ian Wakeling and Richard Thomson The place of death of cancer patients: can qualitative data add to known factors? pp. 2597-2607 Carol Thomas French hormones: progestins and therapeutic variation in France pp. 2609-2622 Ilana Löwy and George Weisz Do panel surveys make people sick? US arthritis trends in the Health and Retirement Study pp. 2623-2627 Sven E. Wilson and Benjamin L. Howell Disease metaphors in new epidemics: the UK media framing of the 2003 SARS epidemic pp. 2629-2639 Patrick Wallis and Brigitte Nerlich Do higher status and more autonomous women have longer birth intervals?: Results from Cebu, Philippines pp. 2641-2655 Ushma D. Upadhyay and Michelle J. Hindin2005, volume 60, articles 10 Extended family's and women's roles in safeguarding orphans' education in AIDS-afflicted rural Zimbabwe pp. 2155-2167 Constance Nyamukapa and Simon Gregson Canadian Aboriginal people's experiences with HIV/AIDS as portrayed in selected English language Aboriginal media (1996-2000) pp. 2169-2180 Juanne N. Clarke, Daniela B. Friedman and Laurie Hoffman-Goetz Commercial sex work, drug use, and sexually transmitted infections in St. Petersburg, Russia pp. 2181-2190 Sevgi O. Aral, Janet S. St. Lawrence, Roman Dyatlov and Andrei Kozlov What girls need: recommendations for preventing violence among urban girls in the US pp. 2191-2204 Beth E. Molnar, Andrea L. Roberts, Angela Browne, Hannah Gardener and Stephen L. Buka Community level effects of gender inequality on intimate partner violence and unintended pregnancy in Colombia: testing the feminist perspective pp. 2205-2216 Christina C. Pallitto and Patricia O'Campo Race and ethnic differences in determinants of preterm birth in the USA: broadening the social context pp. 2217-2228 Patricia B. Reagan and Pamela J. Salsberry The effects of racial density and income incongruity on pregnancy outcomes pp. 2229-2238 Kate E. Pickett, James Collins, Christopher M. Masi and Richard G. Wilkinson Does chronic illness place constraints on positive constructions of identity? Temporal comparisons and self-evaluations in people with schizophrenia pp. 2239-2248 S. Dinos, E. Lyons and W.M.L. Finlay Constructions of masculinity following prostatectomy-induced impotence pp. 2249-2259 John Oliffe Sickness absence in female- and male-dominated occupations and workplaces pp. 2261-2272 Arne Mastekaasa 'Choosing' to work when sick: workplace presenteeism pp. 2273-2282 Kevin Dew, Vera Keefe and Keitha Small 'Supply' and 'demand': breastfeeding as labour pp. 2283-2293 Fiona Dykes Mothers reframing physical activity: family oriented politicism, transgression and contested expertise in Australia pp. 2295-2306 Belinda Lewis and Damien Ridge Physician-elderly patient-companion communication and roles of companions in Japanese geriatric encounters pp. 2307-2320 Hirono Ishikawa, Debra L. Roter, Yoshihiko Yamazaki and Tomoko Takayama Quality of life and coping strategies among lung transplant candidates and their family caregivers pp. 2321-2332 Larissa Myaskovsky, Mary Amanda Dew, Galen E. Switzer, Mary L. McNulty, Andrea F. DiMartini and Kenneth R. McCurry Participatory action research: considerations for ethical review pp. 2333-2340 N. Khanlou and E. Peter Parents' perceptions of pediatric day surgery risks: unforeseeable complications, or avoidable mistakes? pp. 2341-2350 Elisa J. Sobo The impact of advertising on nicotine replacement therapy demand pp. 2351-2358 John Tauras, Frank Chaloupka and Sherry Emery Governance in gridlock in the Russian health system; the case of Sverdlovsk oblast pp. 2359-2369 Rod Sheaff Credit program outcomes: coping capacity and nutritional status in the food insecure context of Ethiopia pp. 2371-2382 Shannon Doocy, Shimeles Teferra, Dan Norell and Gilbert Burnham Beyond intention: do specific plans increase health behaviours in patients in primary care? A study of fruit and vegetable consumption pp. 2383-2391 Cath Jackson, Rebecca Lawton, Peter Knapp, David K. Raynor, Mark Conner, Catherine Lowe and S. José Closs A pharmacist model of perceived responsibility for drug therapy outcomes pp. 2393-2403 Lourdes G. Planas, Carole L. Kimberlin, Richard Segal, David B. Brushwood, Charles D. Hepler and Barry R. Schlenker2005, volume 60, articles 9 Does 'welfare-to-work' work? A systematic review of the effectiveness of the UK's welfare-to-work programmes for people with a disability or chronic illness pp. 1905-1918 Clare Bambra, Margaret Whitehead and Val Hamilton The impact of media coverage of the suicide of a well-known Quebec reporter: the case of Gaëtan Girouard pp. 1919-1926 Michel Tousignant, Brian L. Mishara, Aline Caillaud, Veronique Fortin and Danielle St-Laurent Beyond blame: cultural barriers to medical incident reporting pp. 1927-1935 Justin J. Waring How acceptable are innovative health-care technologies? A survey of public beliefs and attitudes in England and Wales pp. 1937-1948 Michael Calnan, David Montaner and Rob Horne Doing criticism in 'symbiotic niceness': a study of palliative care nurses' talk pp. 1949-1959 Sarah Li Physicians' attitudes towards end-of-life decisions: a comparison between seven countries pp. 1961-1974 Guido Miccinesi, Susanne Fischer, Eugenio Paci, Bregje D Onwuteaka-Philipsen, Colleen Cartwright, Agnes van der Heide, Tore Nilstun, Michael Norup and Freddy Mortier Diversity in clinical guidelines: the role of repertoires of evaluation pp. 1975-1985 Tiago Moreira Socioeconomic status and weight change in adults: a review pp. 1987-2010 Kylie Ball and David Crawford Low levels of maternal education and the proximate determinants of childhood mortality: a little learning is not a dangerous thing pp. 2011-2023 Alaka Malwade Basu and Rob Stephenson Prehospital delay and independent/interdependent construal of self among Japanese patients with acute myocardial infarction pp. 2025-2034 Yoshimi Fukuoka, Kathleen Dracup, Sally H. Rankin, Erika Sivarajan Froelicher, Fumio Kobayashi, Haro Hirayama, Miyoshi Ohno and David Matsumoto Breast-feeding, day-care attendance and the frequency of antibiotic treatments from 1.5 to 5 years: a population-based longitudinal study in Canada pp. 2035-2044 Lise Dubois and Manon Girard The impact of socio-economic factors on functional status decline among community-dwelling older adults in China pp. 2045-2057 May A. Beydoun and Barry M. Popkin Location, location, location: contextual and compositional health effects of social capital in British Columbia, Canada pp. 2059-2071 Gerry Veenstra A multilevel analysis of ethnic variation in depressive symptoms among adolescents in the United States pp. 2073-2084 Richard G. Wight, Carol S. Aneshensel, Amanda L. Botticello and Joslan E. Sepúlveda Framing the fetus in medical work: rituals and practices pp. 2085-2095 Clare Williams Translators and mediators: bilingual young people's accounts of their interpreting work in health care pp. 2097-2110 Judith Green, Caroline Free, Vanita Bhavnani and Tony Newman Antibiomedicine belief and integrative health seeking in Taiwan pp. 2111-2116 Chih-Yin Lew-Ting "Sneaky disease": the body and health knowledge for people at risk for coronary heart disease in Ontario, Canada pp. 2117-2128 J. Angus, S. Evans, J. Lapum, E. Rukholm, R. St. Onge, R. Nolan and I. Michel Role of socialization in explaining social inequalities in health pp. 2129-2133 Archana Singh-Manoux and Michael Marmot Guiding the design and selection of interventions to influence the implementation of evidence-based practice: an experimental simulation of a complex intervention trial pp. 2135-2147 Debbie Bonetti, Martin Eccles, Marie Johnston, Nick Steen, Jeremy Grimshaw, Rachel Baker, Anne Walker and Nigel Pitts Health care and illegality: a survey of undocumented pregnant immigrants in Geneva pp. 2149-2154 Hans Wolff, Hans Stalder, Manuella Epiney, Angela Walder, Olivier Irion and Alfredo Morabia2005, volume 60, articles 8 On the relevance of personal characteristics in setting health priorities: a comment on Olsen, Richardson, Dolan and Menzel (2003) pp. 1661-1664 Duncan Mortimer Response to "on the relevance of personal characteristics in setting health care priorities" pp. 1665-1666 Jan Abel Olsen, Jeff Richardson, Paul Dolan and Paul Menzel Racial residential segregation and geographic heterogeneity in black/white disparity in poor self-rated health in the US: a multilevel statistical analysis pp. 1667-1679 S.V. Subramanian, Dolores Acevedo-Garcia and Theresa L. Osypuk Gender differences in the associations between health and neighbourhood environment pp. 1681-1692 M. Stafford, S. Cummins, S. Macintyre, A. Ellaway and M. Marmot Comparing sex inequalities in common affective disorders across countries: Great Britain and Chile pp. 1693-1703 Graciela Rojas, Ricardo Araya and Glyn Lewis A gender-based dynamic multidimensional longitudinal analysis of resilience and mortality in the old-old in Israel: the cross-sectional and longitudinal aging study (CALAS) pp. 1705-1715 Adrian Walter-Ginzburg, Dov Shmotkin, Tzvia Blumstein and Aviva Shorek The impact of current and past interpersonal violence on women's mental health pp. 1717-1727 Patrizia Romito, Janet Molzan Turan and Margherita De Marchi 'My fear is to fall in love again...' How HIV-positive African women survive in London pp. 1729-1738 Lesley Doyal and Jane Anderson A typology of groups at risk of HIV/STI in a gold mining town in north-western Tanzania pp. 1739-1749 Nicola Desmond, Caroline F. Allen, Simon Clift, Butolwa Justine, Joseph Mzugu, Mary L. Plummer, Deborah Watson-Jones and David A. Ross 'I never go anywhere': extricating the links between women's mobility and uptake of reproductive health services in Pakistan pp. 1751-1765 Zubia Mumtaz and Sarah Salway What happened when Scottish women were given advance supplies of emergency contraception? A survey and qualitative study of women's views and experiences pp. 1767-1779 Sue Ziebland, Sally Wyke, Pete Seaman, Karen Fairhurst, Jeremy Walker and Anna Glasier Attitudes toward palliative care, conceptions of euthanasia and opinions about its legalization among French physicians pp. 1781-1793 Patrick Peretti-Watel, M.K. Bendiane and J.P. Moatti Dimensions of privacy in palliative care: views of health professionals pp. 1795-1804 Annette F. Street and Anthony Love Cost structure of osteopathic hospitals and their local counterparts in the USA: Are they any different? pp. 1805-1814 Tony Sinay Managed care and infant health: an evaluation of Medicaid in the US pp. 1815-1833 Robert Kaestner, Lisa Dubay and Genevieve Kenney Social and psychological characteristics of Kuwaiti children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes pp. 1835-1844 M.A.A. Moussa, M. Alsaeid, N. Abdella, T.M.K. Refai, N. Al-Sheikh and J.E. Gomez Perceptions of tuberculosis patients about their physical, mental and social well-being: a field report from south India pp. 1845-1853 R. Rajeswari, M. Muniyandi, R. Balasubramanian and P.R. Narayanan Perspectives on use and protection of genetic information in work settings: results of a preliminary study pp. 1855-1858 Laura Weiss Roberts, Cynthia M.A. Geppert, Teddy D. Warner, Katherine A. Green Hammond, Melinda Rogers, Julienne Smrcka and Brian B. Roberts Variation and change in the meaning of oral health related quality of life: a 'grounded' systems approach pp. 1859-1868 Jane Gregory, Barry Gibson and Peter G. Robinson Repositioning the patient: the implications of being 'at risk' pp. 1869-1879 S. Scott, L. Prior, F. Wood and J. Gray Potential access and revealed access to pain management medications pp. 1881-1891 Swu-Jane Lin, Stephanie Y. Crawford and J. Warren Salmon Hea


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