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Hudson Diaz

Conduction of Heat in Solids - A Classic Text by Carslaw and Jaeger in PDF Format

Materials engineers easily recognize that the conduction of heat within solids is fundamental to understanding and controlling many processes. We could cite numerous examples to emphasize the importance of this topic. Some important applications that fall in this category include estimating heat losses from process equipment, quenching, or cooling operations where the cooling rate of a part actually controls its microstructure and hence its application, and solidification.

Simple FEM code to solve heat transfer in 1D. Easy to read and can be translated directly to formulas in books.Problem: Transient heat conduction in a unit rod.Solution compared to an exact solution by Carslaw and Jaeger (1959).Warning: Has "clear all" (at top of script)References:W. Lewis et al. (1996): The Finite Element Method in Heat Transfer Analysis, John Wiley and Sons, West Sussex EnglandStrang G. and Fix G. (2008): An analysis of the Finite Element Method,Second Edition, Wellesley-Cambridge Press, Wellesley USACarslaw H.S. and Jaeger J.C. (1959): Conduction of heat in solids, Oxford at the Clarendon Press, Second Edition

conduction of heat in solids carslaw pdf free download


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