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Download Battle Realms PC Game 2001 REPACK

Battle Realms is a real-time strategy video game published and released by Crave Entertainment and Ubi Soft in November 2001. It was the first game created by Liquid Entertainment. An expansion pack Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf was released in November 2002. In 2012, the game was re-released on[1] In 2019, the game was re-released on Steam as Battle Realms: Zen Edition, in its early access state with functioning online multiplayer.[2]

Download Battle Realms PC Game 2001

  • Strategy Over Production - With a limited number of units at the player's disposal, victory is in the hands of the player who outthinks rather than outnumbers his opponent.

  • Living Resource System - Peasants face a multitude of choices. Should they gather resources, construct buildings or perhaps train to become soldiers?

  • Unit Alchemy - Peasants may become soldiers. Soldiers may then become specialists in various disciplines or study and acquire new combat abilities.

  • Immersive Combat - All units have unique animations for all occasions, the fights are fluid and enjoyable to observe.

  • Retreat - Attempting to save as many of your units as possible is an important strategy. After a minute of rest, your units will be almost as good as new, ready to attack again.

  • Running and Walking - Running offers players a number of choices: should they slowly sneak through the forest and save their stamina for special attacks, or should they run in and try to catch enemies off guard?

  • Strategic Surroundings - Fire consumes buildings if not extinguished, birds will give away enemy positions if startled, wild animals attack lone wanderers and boulders can be pushed to deal devastating damage.

  • Battle Gears - Unit abilities that were designed to give units versatility they wouldn't otherwise have. Each clan acquires its Battle Gears by different means.

  • Yin and Yang - By awarding Yin and Yang points based on performance in battle, the game incentivizes players to actually get out there and fight.

  • Zen Masters - Each clan has its share of heroic figures known as Zen Masters, their powers vary as widely as the heroes they stem from. Strongly connected to their particular alignment, Zen Masters benefit from the presence of Yin or Yang.

  • Forest - Forests are not obstacles, but rather terrain to be used. Troops can enter the forest and will be largely invisible to their opponents. Care must be taken when moving through the woods - move too quickly, and birds scatter from the trees, alerting enemy players to movement.

  • Line of Sight - Gaining control of the high ground and forests is an important strategy, as shroud wouldn't allow players to effectively strategize.

  • Weather - Rain slows the advance of all units, extinguishes building fires and helps rice regrow faster. Snow slows the rice growth and unit movement down.

Fun fact: Back when it was released in 2001, Battle Realms caused a many month delay of Warcraft III. The staff at Blizzard played Battle Realms and agreed that it was better than their current version of their game. Then... they did an outstanding job and brought an epic RTS of their own for the whole world to remember!

Battle Realms is a fantasy real-time strategy innovation inspired by kung-fu movies and Japanese mythology. Players assume the role of the hero Kenji as they develop a village of peasants into a clan of highly specialized warriors. They must defend their village against barbarians, evil magicians and deadly ninja. The game puts the focus of gameplay on the battlefield and features detailed 3D environments, realistic weather effects and a unique battle gear system to advance the abilities of your warriors.

Well looking at the sources from which this game is inspired one thing is certain that there is too much chaos in this game. So you need to make some brain scratching. and have to make some powerful strategies in order to control your units. The units have been designed in such a way that they will start attacking in the battlefield whenever they smell something fishy. You can also download Men of War Assault Squad which is a single player strategy game.

What we have here with Battle Realms is a fun real time strategy game that does not get the love it deserves. While a newer version was released on Steam. Today I am taking a trip back to 2001 and seeing what it was that made this game so special for the time. If you like RTS games then this is one that you are certainly going to have a lot of fun with.

The gameplay of Battle Realms is very interesting. It is in many ways your typical real time strategy game. You have many different units, structures, you need resources, you battle for land, and so on. However, the game is always spawning you, peasants. These peasants can then be trained by you to become soldiers and upgraded in various ways. This is a game that is very heavy on you learning how to play. There is no way that you can just spawn and spam a ton of powerful things in this game as it limits what you can do.

The presentation of the game is very impressive. The different styles of the clans, the maps, and structures, in general, all have a nice amount of detail about them. What I thought was really neat was the little touches like birds flying away when a battle is near. The units have their own passive and battle animations and there is just a lot going on in general. For the time, it was very impressive how this game looked and moved.

I think that what they did with Battle Realms was very clever. While I do feel the more modern version that you can get is the way you want to go. I was very impressed with how this held up. It is a real time strategy game that forces you to think strategically as you play. There is no spamming of one powerful unit on offer for you here! It may look and play like a game from 2001, but I will not hold that against it. If you enjoy a good RTS game, I am sure you are going to have a fun time with this one.

Where Battle Realms moves slightly away from traditional RTS strategies is in its use of horses. In Battle Realms, horses are not just units that are magically 'glued' to your units and follow them everywhere they go. Your peasants need to round them up and take them to your stables, where they can be used by your units to increase travel speed, scout enemy areas, and provide a distinct advantage in battle when used by attacking units. Liquid says there will be no huge battles, but rather smaller conflicts where players will find themselves thinking more about use of terrain, rather than just wading into battle with as many units as possible. On the evidence of what we've seen so far, it's certainly true that there are no battles involving huge armies, but that doesn't make the battles any less hectic or exciting. Real line of sight and the ability to use trees, hills, forests and even height of terrain to your advantage suggest battles will be more a test of your strategic prowess than your ability to build lots of things as quickly as possible and run off looking for trouble, although, there is a fair amount of that, too. Battle Realms is shaping up to be a real contender in the RTS genre. It's certainly the best-looking of the bunch so far. Whether it will live up to its potential in terms of gameplay is a matter for discussion in our full review next month.

While Battle Realms appears to offer many innovations, it can still be played in the same way as all the other RTS games out there if you choose: build as big an army as you can and rush your opponent in the hope he hasn't had the time to 'outbuild' you. We spent much of our time in the beta making spearmen and archers in great numbers, sending peasants out to round up horses, and sending our considerable mobile army into battle Later levels offer healers in the form of the geisha, and chemists can inflict area effect magical damage, so the potential for different strategies is there It's nothing we haven't seen before Read next month's review, which will be based on the later part of the game for a proper observation of how the game plays and whether or not its claims of true originality are actually realised.

Although on the surface Liquid Entertainment's Battle Realms sounds like it's trying to outdo Shogun, it is only within the aims of the game that the two titles have any similarity. Where both games place you as a leader of a clan, with a view to uniting a Far Eastern country, Battle Realms takes its influence from myth rather than historical reality. The graphics are different too; where Shogun is 3D with thousands of 2D bitmapped units on-screen, Battle Realms is the opposite, with a 2D view over which small-scale battles are fought between hi-res 3D soldiers.

With the leader of the Battle Realms team and many of his underlings having worked on the Commands Conquer series, Liquid is aiming to create a real-time strategy game with a rich story, fleshing out the gameplay with new elements that attempt to realise a living and interactive world far more advanced than we've seen in other strategy games. Much like RPGs in fact, where the outcome of a battle can be affected not only by strength of numbers, but by utilising the world around you. These aspects will manifest themselves in a number of ways; including using trees for cover, which can give away your position if you run into a flock of easily ruffled birds or like with water, which covers your tracks, but can slow your movements down.

Battle Realms is a 2002 fantasy real-time strategy game for all those passionate about kung-fu movies and Japanese mythology. Nobody can deny that Far East Asia has always represented an attraction, especially with its history, culture and its inhabitants lifestyle. This game includes a significant part of these aspects. Your character is a hero named Kenji, who has to defend his village from the attacks of barbarians, magicians and ninjas. This game features marvelous and delightful 3D environments, realistic visual effects and nice sounds. Like all the strategy games out there, Battle Realms is based on a management system, more exactly, a resource management one. You have to take into consideration some important crop rules when it comes to the most important nutriment for Asians: rice. You will learn how to gain the most important resources throughout the game. You will be amazed by the battle/training system that advances the skills of your warriors. I am referring to the fast development of their abilities and appearance. There are 3 modes of playing: skirmish, campaign and multiplayer. I assure you that you won't complain about anything related to the gameplay, and not even about the AI. What can I say more, don't miss this pleasant game that will absolutely win your sympathy! 041b061a72


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