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[S4E8] Hug Wolf __TOP__

Jake starts to wonder if the hugging started because of the hug wolf that hugged Finn, so they go to a library and Jake gets a book out and reads a page explaining about the hug wolf. They discover that an alpha hug wolf can create new hug wolves by hugging someone under a full moon. They learn that every night a hug wolf must fulfill a crazy hug lust and there was no known cure for the transformation. Finn tries to hug Jake, but he stops him exclaiming "No Hugs!" Finn apologizes and comments how he felt hot and begins to hug himself.

[S4E8] Hug Wolf

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Later that night, Finn and Jake are in the Tree Fort. As Finn is sitting down, Jake places bags of frozen peas on Finn to cool him down. They notice that BMO is hiding behind a potted plant and quivering at the sight of Finn and stating "I am terrified of Finn." Jake tries to get Finn to overcome the urge of hugging by shouting, and later by imagining of hugging a cactus. Despite his efforts, Finn begins to lust for hugs and Jake is forced to chain up Finn to a chair. Jake then hides behind the plant with BMO as BMO states they need a "silver baseball." Finn then transforms into a hug wolf and breaks free from the chains then Jake told Finn to say something so that he can be sure but all Finn said was "I'll hug your Mom!" Finn walks up to Jake and BMO to hug them, but Jake tells BMO to use his "strobe light mode," which causes Finn to jump out of the window and run towards the Candy Kingdom. In the Candy Kingdom, Finn runs around and hugs Mr. Cupcake and then breaks into a little gumdrop girl's room. He attempts to hug the girl when her dad walks in with a candy cane shotgun and attempts to shoot Finn, but he gets away.

After they leave, the moon comes out, and Finn changes into a Hug Wolf again. Finn asks Cinnamon Bun if he wants a hug, and he replies, "I can't, man." Finn then inquires, "Not even a little one?" Then Cinnamon Bun replies, "YES!" and starts opening the cage. After opening the door, Finn jumps out and gives Cinnamon Bun a huge hug, hurting him. Finn then runs away. It scene cuts to the mob finding the alpha hug wolf where the incident took place. Jake says, "I smell someone being hugged right now," and sees a deer being hugged by the wolf. Jake and the mob start yelling. The hug wolf then confronts the mob as Jake apologizes to Finn for failing him. Suddenly, Finn appears and jumps on the alpha wolf, and starts hugging it. The two hug each other until they both started to glow and bright light bursts out from their hugs. The aftermath reveals that the two hug wolves hugging was the cure as Finn is back to normal and the alpha hug wolf turned into a violet humanoid girl. Jake notices the beauty of the girl and asks "Can I get a hug?" then Finn angrily calls out Jake's rudeness, "JAKE!" The episode ends with the girl turning into a Tree of Blight causing Jake to scream in fear at her actual appearance.

The series follows the adventures of Finn (voiced by Jeremy Shada), a human boy, and his best friend and adoptive brother Jake (voiced by John DiMaggio), a dog with magical powers to change shape and grow and shrink at will. In this episode, Finn goes through a werewolf-like transformation after an encounter with an Alpha Hug Wolf, turning into a Beta Hug Wolf. It is up to Jake to break the curse and turn Finn back to normal.

The episode came together after Ward drew several werewolf-inspired creatures with a fondness for hugging. The music that accompanies the climax was scored by Casey James Basichis to convey Finn's transformation through music. "Hug Wolf" received largely positive critical reviews, with Oliver Sava of The A.V. Club arguing that the episode was an analogy for the more serious topic of rape.

While attempting to destroy the Tree of Blight, Finn is accidentally hugged by a wolf-like creature. Later that night, after he begins to show signs of a fever, as well as a new-found penchant for hugging, Jake urges Finn to get some sleep. Ominously, in the morning, while walking through the Candy Kingdom, several citizens reveal that Finn appeared before them during the night and aggressively hugged them.

Finn and Jake journey to the library and read about the "hugwolf", a lycanthropic creature that turns into a wolf in the presence of a full moon and hugs its victims. The curse is spread from higher-level "alpha" hugwolves, to lower-lever "beta" creatures, of which Finn is now. That night, Jake and BMO try to restrain Finn, but he transforms, breaks free, and goes on a hugging spree in the Candy Kingdom.

The next morning, the citizens of the kingdom imprison Finn in the dungeon. Jake in turn leads an angry mob in search of the alpha hugwolf. By tempting Cinnamon Bun with a hug, Finn escapes after he transforms. Meanwhile, the alpha creature corners Jake and his mob, but Finn shows up. Finn and the alpha wolf start hugging each other, which seems to act as a cure for the condition. Finn is returned to his former state, as is the alpha, who is revealed to be a beautiful woman. The episode ends with the woman turning into the Tree of Blight, thus scaring Jake.

"Hug Wolf" was written and storyboarded by Somvilay Xayaphone and Bert Youn, from a story developed by series creator Pendleton Ward, Patrick McHale, and Kent Osborne.[2] The episode came together after Ward drew several werewolf-inspired creatures with a fondness for hugging. He felt that the resulting story would be humorous, and the episode came into being. In addition, Ward himself voiced the father of the gumdrop girl Finn almost attacks during one of his hugging sprees. All of the lines were improvised while Ward was in the recording booth.[3]

It seems like Ezra is destined to torture you. One minute he's tender and the next he's gone off into the woods again, but when you take the dark path into the woods to seek him out you will find more than you bargained for. Is Ezra still a lone wolf, or will he let you close enough to shed light on the darkest of secrets together?

"Hug Wolf" offers a simple twist on the classic werewolf story: What if, instead of becoming mindlessly vicious wolves, people transformed into mindlessly hugging wolves under the light of the full moon? While on an adventure on a moonlit night, Finn is hugged by a giant wolf creature. When Finn and Jake return home, Finn can't stop hugging BMO so tightly it causes pain. Upon discovering Finn has a fever, Jake sends him to bed. The next day, Cinnamon Bun tells Finn that he can't take any more hugs, but Finn doesn't remember even seeing Cinnamon Bun the night before. This leads Jake to investigate. He promptly learns about "hug wolves" in the library, and that no cure yet exists for this affliction. 041b061a72


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