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À propos de moi.


 My name is Madia. This derives from the Bassa tribe in Liberia, West Africa. The name means new woman. I try to live up to the meaning of my name by creating, changing, and evolving daily. 

I have been on this hair journey for a very long time. Sadly I have not been consistent with my hair care. I struggled with thinning edges and hair loss due to tight braiding, wigs, weaving, crocheting, and a slew of health conditions. I experienced my first significant traumatic hair loss after the birth of my first child. Postpartum hair shedding and hair loss left me insecure. From then on, I stop wearing my natural hair. I was so ashamed of my hair that I wouldn't let my then-husband see me without hair extensions or head coverings. I did many big chops ( shaving my hair bald) over the years, thinking it would be better. I would treat my hair and use products I made but would give up when I didn't see what I wanted in two or three weeks, even though I wasn't consistent or had a hair care regime. I grew impatient and weary. So I decided to give up.

Fast forward to about 2020, when I started noticing my daughter losing her hair due to a severe cradle cap and eczema, which significantly impacted me. My mother did her big chop the same year because her hair was severely damaged. I did not want my daughter to have the same struggles/experiences I dealt with. The topical solution prescribed by her doctor did not sit well with me because I wanted something that reflected my vegan lifestyle. At this point, I was already making skin care for my older child with the same eczema condition. Made his skin healthy, hydrated, and glowing. I chose to go back to using my hair products on their hair. This time, I was more determined and committed to creating a routine for all of our hair. I kept up with the products and regime within months; I saw results.  

I make these products personally, with 70% of the ingredients coming directly from West African countries. I create safe products that are free of chemicals and toxins. Our products are formulated with natural oils, butter, herbs, and seeds harvested from West Africa.






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