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Alexander Bailey
Alexander Bailey

Naturalreader Ryan Voice Download ##TOP##

the app allows you to export the text into mp3, aac, ogg, and wav files. it is a useful software for those people who just need to read the text to them. the voices in this app are quite good and you can adjust their volume.

Naturalreader Ryan Voice Download

cereproc natural reader is an easy-to-use text-to-speech app. it works on the mac, windows, and ios devices. the app allows users to convert web pages, pdfs, ebooks, images, and even youtube videos into a voice-enabled format.

my favorite feature is the pronunciation editor that lets you tweak the pronunciation of individual words. this makes natural reader sound more human. natural reader also offers a commercial version of the product for a one-time payment of $129.50 and an ultimate version for $199.50. the premium version offers a few additional features like an ocr feature that helps you to convert printed text to digital text, batch conversion, voice presets, etc.

when you start the software, you will see a couple of options. one of them is the voice setting that lets you change various options related to the voice including pitch, rate, speed, pause and the substitution list. the settings for pitch, rate, and speed are self-explanatory. pause is the length of time between sentences; lower is better. substitution list is the file that lists all the words and how they should be pronounced. when you select change voice, the audio player will display the name of the voice selected. the player is very responsive and only takes a couple of seconds to load. the software plays the selected voice as the audio stream and the text is displayed on the bottom of the screen. you can pause the audio by clicking the pause button at the top right. you can also skip to another section by clicking the forward button on the left.


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