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Hudson Diaz
Hudson Diaz

Adore Activation Key

If you enabled the onboarding activation code, any adorer who signs up without providing the correct activation code is automatically marked as "Blocked" until an administrator activates their account.

Adore Activation Key

You can also delete an adorer instead of blocking them. Please note that deleting an adorer also deletes their website data (adorer account info, commitments, history of substitute requests and visits, etc.).

Also, note that an adorer can be marked as "Active" but not have any adoration commitments nor be on the list of substitutes. Such an adorer might be considered "inactive" in real life, though they are marked "Active" in We Adore Him.

Alternatively, you can click the Send Bulk Message button and click the use welcome email link above the Email - Body field to populate this form with your welcome email template. This allows you to customize the email for one-time use without affecting your welcome email template. Click Send test email to receive a copy of this email before sending it to your adorers. Learn more.

If your site requires an activation code to sign up, and an adorer registers without an activation code, their account will remain blocked until an admin activates it. At that point, the website will send the welcome email to the adorer. Learn more.

An adorer without an email address on their account won't receive the welcome email. However, if they have a phone number on their account, they can text their email address to your We Adore Him phone number, and it will get added to their account, and the website will send them the welcome email. Learn more.

In product-led growth, the user experience (UX) and product experience (PX) are the main drivers for customer acquisition, activation, satisfaction, and retention. Product managers consider product metrics to be the backbone of growth and the key to scaling a product.

These companies use a product-led growth strategy that allows customers to discover the value of their products through freemium or trial versions. This strategy often triggers activation and acquisition because it enables users to experience the value that initiates the purchase.

After you pay for a subscription plan, the activation key will be sent to the email address you`ve previously specified. Install the application, go to the menu bar and click on the Subscription tab. Hit Activate button in the popup menu and type in your activation key in the appearing window.

Your licence will remain on your device for a period of up to 60 days before reactivation is required. After 60 days, please reconnect to the University network, or if off campus the University VPN, to reactivate.


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