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Bear Musician Skyrim Download !!TOP!!

Watching a bear play a musical instrument has never looked so funny. Sort of like something you might see at Splash Mountain in Disneyland bears in Skyrim will play instruments after downloading this mod. This pleasant version of a bear is not something you would see in the vanilla version, but it should be.

bear musician skyrim download

According to this mod's download page, "The name of this melody is Misirlou." Most people would expect the bear to attack players, but it only seems to attack NPCs in Skyrim. It attacks by swinging its musical instrument.

Attempt to make a bear musician companion. In this version, you'll have choosing for companions from three bears. Though all at once, though separately. To avoid conflicts recommend using mod with gamesaves where Bearserk has not been installed. If previous version of BeArserk beta is plugged: -let bear free in game. -save game. -unplug mod in launcher. -start and save game without mod.

Especially for those who do not care about realism, but on the contrary only fun, this modification was presented. Others may not particularly like the presented content, and therefore we recommend that you refrain from viewing and, moreover, downloading.A special summoning spell will be added to the game. And a bear capable of singing and dancing will be called. As a musical instrument, he will use a lute, which in his hands sounds really incredibly beautiful. The rest of the world will not change in any way.

If you need a quick refresh on how to get skyrim mods, it's fairly easy. Just hit up the official site and filter by your platform of choice. From there you can download to your console (provided you have a ID).


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